A brief history of the Crescents, Gardens, Squares and Streets of Knightsbridge

The name Knightsbridge according to Wikipedia can be traced back to the Saxon and Old English times as ‘Cnihtebricge (c. 1050) Knichtebrig (1235) Cnichtebrugge (13th century) and Knyghtesbrugg 1364’. There is a theory that there was a bridge where ‘knights and ladies of the day would meet, (the river is now underground) hence the name Knightsbridge. It’s not a million miles from today, as we still have our fair share of knights and ladies living in Knightsbridge, but they now blend beautifully with residents from around the world who also call Knightsbridge their home.

Knightsbridge homes have always been sought over the centuries partly because of their location and distance to one of the eight Royal Parks in London, Hyde Park. The Park is the largest of the four Royal Parks in central London, which form a magnificent chain-like shape that starts at the entrance of Kensington Palace and ends at the Queen’s formal residence, Buckingham Palace. For this reason alone, there is no real estate like the homes, flats, maisonettes and mansions of Knightsbridge, with their access to 350 acres of beautiful green parkland in Central London.

The Trevor’s as they are known locally include Trevor Square and Trevor Place and are dominated by classic Georgian terraced homes. Trevor Square was designed by William Fuller Pocock in 1810 and is now one of the most desirable squares in Knightsbridge. The listed buildings that surround the square are classically Georgian with their wide archways, brick upper floors and distinctive black railings. These larger than average family homes provide a quiet refuge and are yet within walking distance of the biggest garden of them all – Hyde Park.

Enismore Gardens is just one of our favourite places to help clients both buy and sell. We know the history of every home here and because it’s within walking distance of Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and both Hyde Park and the Brompton Road it’s easy to see why it has always remained a popular place to live. Hyde Park is famous not only for its parklands but for the many activities (tennis, horse riding, cyclists, walkers and joggers) and that it offers both world-class events and concerts together with plenty of quiet places to relax and unwind.

Rutland Gate is another favourite of ours because of its impressive architecture and is now home to one of the most expensive homes ever sold in the UK – 2-8a Rutland Gate. What strikes one most is how quiet Rutland Gate is and how pretty its central leafy square is. It’s also only moments from the Museums and galleries and the Brompton Road.

An area that is known locally as ‘Knights Village’ comprises Montpellier Place which is opposite Montpelier Street and within walking distance of the Brompton Road and all the amenities of the many boutiques, shops, restaurants and bars of Knightsbridge. Montpellier Place with its listed buildings remains a firm favourite for those looking for a quiet square in the heart of London.

Egerton Crescent, Egerton Garden and Egerton Place all reside within SW3. Egerton Crescent was once described as “the most expensive street in Britain” and sits between Egerton Gardens and Egerton Terrace and the Brompton Road. These classically designed Georgian mansion houses that dominate this impressive Crescent were designed by George Basevi and James Bonnin in 1840. It is to this day considered one of the finest postcodes in London.

The Albert Hall Mansions in Kensington Gore need no introduction. Designed by Richard Norman Shaw in 1871, these Grade II listed residential buildings contain 45 flats and are within the Kensington Conservation Area. These regal apartments themselves range from 2,3 & 4 bedrooms all with magnificently high ceilings. This is truly stunning lateral living with handy on-street parking and Hyde Park’s 350 acres to admire and explore. Having sold over 25 apartments throughout my career here, I know exactly why they remain one of the most prestigious addresses in the world. The curve of the architecture always amazes our team. Today the Albert Hall Mansions is one of the most desirable postcodes in Knightsbridge and we love working with both buyers and sellers in this part of London.

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