A brief history of the Crescents, Gardens, Squares and Streets of Knightsbridge

The name Knightsbridge according to Wikipedia can be traced back to the Saxon and Old English times as ‘Cnihtebricge (c. 1050) Knichtebrig (1235) Cnichtebrugge (13th century) and Knyghtesbrugg 1364’. There is a theory that there was a bridge where ‘knights and ladies of the day would meet, (the river is now underground) hence the name Knightsbridge. It’s not a million miles from today, as we still have our fair share of knights and ladies living in Knightsbridge, but they now blend beautifully with residents from around the world who also call Knightsbridge their home.

Knightsbridge homes have always been sought over the centuries partly because of their location and distance to one of the eight Royal Parks in London, Hyde Park. The Park is the largest of the four Royal Parks in central London, which form a magnificent chain-like shape that starts at the entrance of Kensington Palace and ends at the Queen’s formal residence, Buckingham Palace. For this reason alone, there is no real estate like the homes, flats, maisonettes and mansions of Knightsbridge, with their access to 350 acres of beautiful green parkland in Central London.

The Trevor’s as they are known locally include Trevor Square and Trevor Place and are dominated by classic Georgian terraced homes. Trevor Square was designed by William Fuller Pocock in 1810 and is now one of the most desirable squares in Knightsbridge. The listed buildings that surround the square are classically Georgian with their wide archways, brick upper floors and distinctive black railings. These larger than average family homes provide a quiet refuge and are yet within walking distance of the biggest garden of them all – Hyde Park.

Enismore Gardens is just one of our favourite places to help clients both buy and sell. We know the history of every home here and because it’s within walking distance of Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and both Hyde Park and the Brompton Road it’s easy to see why it has always remained a popular place to live. Hyde Park is famous not only for its parklands but for the many activities (tennis, horse riding, cyclists, walkers and joggers) and that it offers both world-class events and concerts together with plenty of quiet places to relax and unwind.

Rutland Gate is another favourite of ours because of its impressive architecture and is now home to one of the most expensive homes ever sold in the UK – 2-8a Rutland Gate. What strikes one most is how quiet Rutland Gate is and how pretty its central leafy square is. It’s also only moments from the Museums and galleries and the Brompton Road.

An area that is known locally as ‘Knights Village’ comprises Montpellier Place which is opposite Montpelier Street and within walking distance of the Brompton Road and all the amenities of the many boutiques, shops, restaurants and bars of Knightsbridge. Montpellier Place with its listed buildings remains a firm favourite for those looking for a quiet square in the heart of London.

Egerton Crescent, Egerton Garden and Egerton Place all reside within SW3. Egerton Crescent was once described as “the most expensive street in Britain” and sits between Egerton Gardens and Egerton Terrace and the Brompton Road. These classically designed Georgian mansion houses that dominate this impressive Crescent were designed by George Basevi and James Bonnin in 1840. It is to this day considered one of the finest postcodes in London.

The Albert Hall Mansions in Kensington Gore need no introduction. Designed by Richard Norman Shaw in 1871, these Grade II listed residential buildings contain 45 flats and are within the Kensington Conservation Area. These regal apartments themselves range from 2,3 & 4 bedrooms all with magnificently high ceilings. This is truly stunning lateral living with handy on-street parking and Hyde Park’s 350 acres to admire and explore. Having sold over 25 apartments throughout my career here, I know exactly why they remain one of the most prestigious addresses in the world. The curve of the architecture always amazes our team. Today the Albert Hall Mansions is one of the most desirable postcodes in Knightsbridge and we love working with both buyers and sellers in this part of London.

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November 2021 Interview: International Property & Travel Magazine


Richard Isadore from York Estates Knightsbridge was asked to contribute to November’s issue of International Property & Travel Magazine. The property feature looks at what keeps Knightsbridge as one of the most sought after areas of London. To read the article in full, please click here.


1.    How do you define the Knightsbridge geographical area? What are its physical limits? 

Knightsbridge is a culturally rich and diverse part of central London where the neighbourhood offers the finest restaurants, shopping and schools, as well as world-leading museums and galleries. The area also enjoys the magnificent Royal Parks of Hyde Park, St James’s Park, Kensington and Holland Park which are all within walking distance and is also home to some of London’s premier hotels, that include; the Berkeley, the Bulgari and the Mandarin Oriental. There are no physical limits living in Knightsbridge because of its Central location and easy access to life in and around London.

2.    Historically, Knightsbridge has for some time now been a wealthy area but what is it like to live here?

On the one hand, it feels very much like a village with its Conservation Areas and tree-lined roads, mews and outdoor café society, and on the other with Harrods and Harvey Nichols and the many flagship stores of the leading fashion houses, museums etc. you are aware that you are in the cultural heart of London. It’s a very safe part of London and is surprisingly quiet in the larger Georgian squares and gardens, but is also only moments away from the busier areas of the museums on the Exhibition Road, and the shops and restaurants in Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Belgravia.

3.    What draws people in? Of course, it’s an exclusive area so is it just the name or are there other positives? 

There is a real sense of community in Knightsbridge and living here you start to feel like a local where coffee shops will know your order before you ask and restaurants will know your favourite table as you walk in. With world-class museums and galleries at your disposal, along with fabulous food and parks, the cultural choice is endless.

4.    What are the main property types here? 

Knightsbridge is an architecturally rich area with a wonderful mix of elegant Georgian and Victorian mansion houses and modern apartments and flats all immaculately looked after, most with portered access. The area is also home to many churches of different faiths including the magnificent Brompton Oratory, the CoE Holy Trinity Church, the Russian Orthodox Church in Ennismore Gardens and has a strong military connection by being the home to the Household Cavalry at the Hyde Park Barracks. Many buildings are listed (grades I, II* and II) and most areas have strict planning conditions to meet the enhanced architectural demands of the local Albert Gate and Royal Park Conservation Areas, the Knightsbridge Green Conservation Area, and the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.

5.    How much does the conservation area impact on development? Are there any new builds at all? 

Planning is still possible for some incredible new homes like One Hyde Park, however any renovations or modernisations or new builds have to pass strict planning laws. The new Knightsbridge Gardens development and 2-8a Rutland Gate are perfect examples of multinational investments to renovate existing buildings and mansions within Knightsbridge.

6.    What are today’s buyers looking for here? What’s on their list of ‘must haves’

Outdoor balconies, terraces and access to communal gardens/private squares and homes with portered access are top of the list currently. We have also seen an increased interest in homes with a home office and a demand for homes with a second home close by for extended family or staff. Following the Pandemic, access to green space has become a priority and because of the close proximity to the Royal Parks and Conservation Areas, Knightsbridge is a beautifully green place to live. Families love the excellent schools in the area across all age groups and having access to the Royal Parks means outdoor space is unlimited.

7.    Who buys here? Are they owner occupiers or investors?

Knightsbridge is a very global area of London with buyers and Clients from all over the world, especially from the Middle East, Far East and Europe and there is a healthy mix between both owner-occupiers and investors. We see interest from Clients who would like Knightsbridge to be their home or pied-à-terre, and also a second home given their portfolio of properties across the world. As one of the most sought-after boroughs of London to live, from an investment point of view it’s a safe one. You don’t just live in Knightsbridge, you also live the lifestyle of this exclusive part of London.

8.    What budget is required? Are records still being broken here?

There will always be a demand for properties in Knightsbridge because it’s such a wonderful place to live, and yes records are still being broken for those one-off, unique properties that perhaps have not been on the market for a number of years, or are either of historical importance, or ideal for redevelopment.

9.    What about rental properties? How strong is the rental market and what is on offer? 

The rental market is very strong and properties range from mansions to apartments and flats. Some buyers find renting gives them a real insight into the road or area of Knightsbridge they would like to live in and then they are in the perfect position to buy if and when a property they desire becomes available.

10. What are the future prospects for properties and property prices in this area? 

There is nowhere in the world quite like Knightsbridge. The museums, restaurants, parks and schools have all withstood the test of time and are only becoming more exclusive and famous as the years pass. There has never been a better time to live or invest in a home or property in Knightsbridge.

Why choose an independent estate agent


Why choosing an independent estate agent could save you both time and money.

We often are asked what the main benefits are to working with an independent estate agency like ourselves over a larger group or corporate estate agent, especially in an area of London as exclusive, culturally rich and architecturally diverse as Knightsbridge.

A Knightsbridge Estate Agency with over thirty years experience

As a Knightsbridge estate agency with over thirty years of personal experience in working exclusively in this area, the answer is simple – it’s all down to the personalised and hands-on service that we offer to our Clients at any time of the day, and around the world to suit their location. We offer a truly personalised, concierge service to buying or selling a home because we understand our Clients are busy people and aren’t always available between 9-5, Monday to Friday and so we make ourselves available at any time to suit you.

The home buying process and the steps it takes to buy or sell a home

Time is of the essence when buying or selling a property and we have been known to agree deals at some very inhospitable times of the day over the years, but it has meant our Clients have sold or bought exactly their property at exactly the right price because of our flexible approach. As an estate agent in Knightsbridge we work hand-in hand with some of the most prestigious partners in the business of home ownership from lawyers, solicitors, architects, interior designs and planners to ensure your property is exactly the right property for you. We ensure you know in detail the location you are considering, the history of the home or apartment, its changing value over the past thirty years so you are in the best position to purchase or sell a home.

Getting the best deal for your property

With years of expert knowledge and advice we always strive for the deal that makes all parties happy, from the buyer who wants the best price to the seller who wants the best value for theirs. It’s a delicate balance and trust is a huge part of why our Clients choose us to represent them in all aspects of buying or selling their home in Knightsbridge. If you are about to choose an estate agent to buy or sell your property in Knightsbridge, then read here on the questions you need to ask before signing on the dotted line…

Do they offer free property appraisals within 24 hours?

Have they experience in both apartments to magnificent mansions and how long have they worked exclusively in Knightsbridge?

Do they offer a confidential home acquisition buying service and are they able to offer this service in a number of international languages?

As an independent, do they work with other independents on lettings and property management like our sister business York Estates Marylebone?

Do they provide regular updates over email, what’s app or text so you are always in the loop during the buying or selling of your property at all times?

When they say a personalised service, do they mean ‘real time’ or their time?

Whether buying or selling a home in Knightsbridge, we are an independent agency who offers a competitive and personal service and our 5 star Google reviews speak for themselves.

We are delighted to say that we can say yes to all of the above questions so why not give us a call today on 0203 827 8600 or email Richard@yorkestates.co.uk and see how we can help you buy, sell or invest in the perfect property here in central Knightsbridge.



Google reviews

So many of us now rely on Google reviews because they provide an in-depth analysis of a business from the client or customer perspective, which frankly these days is invaluable.

Many of us read Google or online reviews because we believe they provide a truthful insight into a business. Here at York Estates Knightsbridge we are like any other business in that we rely on our clients feedback and reviews to help us understand where we excel and what makes us different from the many property agents here in central London. We are therefore delighted to report that our five star reviews reinforce our commitment in taking the time to understand our buyers and sellers needs, and with our ‘encyclopaedic knowledge’ of the residential area of Knightsbridge we connect buyers to sellers and sellers to buyers with ease.

But don’t just take our word for it, please read below some comments from two of our incredible clients who we have worked with professionally for many years. They kindly took the time to review York Estates Knightsbridge and the valuable services we offer to everyone.

David Lever – “I have known Richard Isadore for more than 10 years, since I bought my first house in Montpelier Place. The central London market differs considerably from the rest of the country, and it became obvious that professional understanding was necessary to find the right property at the right price. I can only say that Richards’s knowledge, contacts and guidance in this complex market place proved to be first class. Our first house was bought at a great price and after a number of years when it came time to sell, Richard found a buyer and the house was sold in a matter of weeks.
We subsequently bought a flat in Rutland Gate which Richard recommended to be a really great investment opportunity. Well he was absolutely right. We rented it out for 4 years and contacted Richard with a view to selling it. Within 48 hours of our conversation through his contacts he called me to say the property was sold with a very tidy profit.
If you are looking for professional agent whether you are buying or selling I can wholeheartedly recommend Richard from York Estates”.

Toni Shasha – “I have known Richard for over 30 years. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the residential market in Knightsbridge and surrounding areas. We have bought and sold several properties through Richard over the years and he has always provided a highly professional and efficient service. Most importantly he delivers the required results. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him for both sourcing and selling a property”.

We thrive on delivering an exceptional service, being personal, trustworthy and highly confidential. The London luxury property market is a unique and York Estates sets itself apart from other High Street brands by our extensive local knowledge and global reach of clients who would like to invest or live in Knightsbridge.

Why not give us a call on 0203 827 8600 or email Richard@yorkestates.co.uk and see how we can help you buy, sell or invest in the perfect property here in beautiful Knightsbridge.


Free Property Appraisal within 24 hours.
Property sales and purchases from apartments through to magnificent mansions.
Exclusive confidential home acquisition buying service (we are able to offer this service in a number of international languages).
Lettings and property management through York Estates Marylebone.
Regular local update newsletter to our database.
Personal “real-time” service to all clients.

In Central London, do you prefer living vertically or horizontally?

This may seem a strange question to ask but it really is something to think about when you are considering buying an apartment or a house in this exclusive area of London. The good news is that we have both options on sale at York Estates Knightsbridge and have chosen to showcase two of these very different properties. They both offer a fantastic lifestyle via their well thought out layouts and accessible central locations, so let’s give you a tour and let you decide!

There are many advantages to living horizontally in an apartment and Broadwalk House is an exceptionally light-filled four bedroomed property. It has spectacular views across Hyde Park from the front and stunning views from the back overlooking Hyde Park Gate and benefits from two beautiful balconies to enjoy both winter and summer sun with a fully accessible underground parking space. The location of this home is superb, one that is situated between Queens Gate and Palace Gate facing onto the glorious greenery of the park, with very close access to the boutiques, cafes and restaurants of Kensington High Street. It is also a short distance to the underground stations of South Kensington and Knightsbridge whilst world-famous museums like the Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, exclusive art galleries and the Royal Albert Hall are literally on your doorstep.

The apartment offers a great living space, surrounded by an abundance of greenery, culture and amenities. Accommodation includes a large master bedroom with an elegant en-suite bathroom and dressing room, a magnificent reception room, kitchen, and three further bedrooms with en-suite shower room, further shower room, together with secure 24 hour portered access, overall offering 1578 sq. feet this really could be that perfect apartment.

If on the other hand, you are looking for a family home, preferring to live vertically, then our magnificent Georgian townhouse on Trevor Street really does have it all. This classic period home has been lovingly refurbished in a contemporary style providing a wonderful, light-filled spacious family home with five double bedrooms, three large reception areas on the ground floor, a super smart kitchen/dining room, quiet study, cleverly designed utility room, and a large and comfortable family/media room. With home offices and spaces for children to learn being in high demand right now this home offers it all.

The property benefits from air conditioning throughout (except on the ground floor) and unusually for this part of Knightsbridge has a 36ft west facing garden, perfect for those private lazy summer days to compliment the not so private 350 acres of Hyde Park only 300 metres from this homes front door!

Trevor Street is situated between Harrods & Hyde Park and therefore has easy access to the royal parks, undergrounds and all of Knightsbridge’s boutique and world-class stores, cafes and restaurants. For a family looking for a private exclusive home with the comfort of modern living, this is a must-see home of 3.051 sq. ft

For more details or to arrange an inspection on these properties contact Richard or Pearl on 0203 827 8600 or email our team at richard@yorkestates.co.uk

At York Estates Knightsbridge, we take the time to understand what our clients are looking for and to understand your priorities when buying a new home or apartment and we will only show you relevant properties that match your needs. Let us warmly #welcomeyoutotheneighbourhood