Why choose an independent estate agent


Why choosing an independent estate agent could save you both time and money.

We often are asked what the main benefits are to working with an independent estate agency like ourselves over a larger group or corporate estate agent, especially in an area of London as exclusive, culturally rich and architecturally diverse as Knightsbridge.

A Knightsbridge Estate Agency with over thirty years experience

As a Knightsbridge estate agency with over thirty years of personal experience in working exclusively in this area, the answer is simple – it’s all down to the personalised and hands-on service that we offer to our Clients at any time of the day, and around the world to suit their location. We offer a truly personalised, concierge service to buying or selling a home because we understand our Clients are busy people and aren’t always available between 9-5, Monday to Friday and so we make ourselves available at any time to suit you.

The home buying process and the steps it takes to buy or sell a home

Time is of the essence when buying or selling a property and we have been known to agree deals at some very inhospitable times of the day over the years, but it has meant our Clients have sold or bought exactly their property at exactly the right price because of our flexible approach. As an estate agent in Knightsbridge we work hand-in hand with some of the most prestigious partners in the business of home ownership from lawyers, solicitors, architects, interior designs and planners to ensure your property is exactly the right property for you. We ensure you know in detail the location you are considering, the history of the home or apartment, its changing value over the past thirty years so you are in the best position to purchase or sell a home.

Getting the best deal for your property

With years of expert knowledge and advice we always strive for the deal that makes all parties happy, from the buyer who wants the best price to the seller who wants the best value for theirs. It’s a delicate balance and trust is a huge part of why our Clients choose us to represent them in all aspects of buying or selling their home in Knightsbridge. If you are about to choose an estate agent to buy or sell your property in Knightsbridge, then read here on the questions you need to ask before signing on the dotted line…

Do they offer free property appraisals within 24 hours?

Have they experience in both apartments to magnificent mansions and how long have they worked exclusively in Knightsbridge?

Do they offer a confidential home acquisition buying service and are they able to offer this service in a number of international languages?

As an independent, do they work with other independents on lettings and property management like our sister business York Estates Marylebone?

Do they provide regular updates over email, what’s app or text so you are always in the loop during the buying or selling of your property at all times?

When they say a personalised service, do they mean ‘real time’ or their time?

Whether buying or selling a home in Knightsbridge, we are an independent agency who offers a competitive and personal service and our 5 star Google reviews speak for themselves.

We are delighted to say that we can say yes to all of the above questions so why not give us a call today on 0203 827 8600 or email Richard@yorkestates.co.uk and see how we can help you buy, sell or invest in the perfect property here in central Knightsbridge.